Throughout most of her adult life, Beth has been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle which has included regular exercise and good nutrition practices (for the most part). When Beth added yoga to her life, she experienced new feelings of calmness and serenity, a new level of awareness to life and a deeper sense of being. Beth recently finished her studies at Yoga Center of Minneapolis and continues to expand her knowledge attending conferences and workshops. She has studied yoga with Max Strom, Rod Stryker, Christy Brunette and Monique Maxwell. Beth is so grateful for all of the teachers in her life both on and off the mat. A mother of two children, ages 12 and 15, they may be her most rewarding teachers.


Feeling the joy of yoga for herself, Beth has become very eager to introduce children to the practice . For tweens (ages 9-14) in particular, yoga can help with the usually difficult stages that carry children into adolescence. They truly are "between." Often both sides at once. What a gift to introduce yoga at this blooming age to help them discover their true selves. Developing awareness of their (radically changing) bodies and feelings. Yoga may establish their comfort zones, both emotional and physical, to grow the self-confidence for the continuing changes ahead.


During class with Beth you are encouraged to release stagnant patterns, while inhabiting the body and calming the mind. Hers is a body-alignment-focused class, building strength, balance and serenity.