New Beginnings... New LOCATION



Yoga House is moving…back home!



Dear Yogis,


Everyone knows how much I love Ganesha, or Ganapati.  He is the most prominent figure at Yoga House.  But did you know that he is revered as the Creator and the Remover of Obstacles?  I have been playing with the idea of letting go of Yoga House and what my next adventure might be for some time now.  Letting go of something that I have loved, cherished and nurtured for almost 12 years is one of the hardest and most difficult decisions of my life.  I’m ready to make a change and the timing finally feels right.  I know that what comes along with major life change is the opportunity for growth.  So with that in mind, I am embracing Ganesha, more than ever, and one of his other attributes as the Lord of Beginnings.  I am excited about this new adventure, my new beginning, and hope that you will join me, down the street, at my newYoga House Ashtanga Yoga Shala… where real Yoga lives!


This is not just a yoga room... it literally is a Yoga House, a house for Yoga.  Different and interesting, yes... but unique and amazing for sure.  A calming, beautiful space to heighten and enhance your practice and elevate it to another level.  A space to inspire change, growth and New Beginnings for everyone!


Welcome OM







The Vision...


I have arrived - I am home

My destination is in each step.


 Thich Nhat Hanh


My vision for Yoga House Ashtanga Yoga Shala:


One    Today's the 11th, my lucky number!  And today's my birthday!  I want to give this gift to myself... this New Beginning. The much-needed change I've been longing for. And to simply, simplify my life.


Two   Share this gift with others by offering a platform for growth, the opportunity for change and New Beginnings for everyone.  I have created what I feel is a beautiful and serene space for Yoga... so peaceful and calming I'm immersing myself in it, surrounding myself with it and I love it!  This is just as special and sacred as what we have all grown to love about Yoga House.  It reminds me of a time, early into my practice, I went to New York to participate in a week-long Ashtanga intensive with Nancy Gilgoff.  Govinda invited me to stay in his apartment, a tiny little studio in Soho, on a super high floor with a breath-taking view up Broadway.  He had floor-to-ceiling windows which offered this view and in front of the windows was a highly-adorned Ganesha, incense and flowers.  In the middle of his apartment, in front of the alter was his yoga mat, rolled out and facing Ganesh.  I ask ed him one day why he kept his mat out all the time.  His answer was short and thoughtful, as usual, and has always stuck with me, "It inspires practice."


This is a space where students may move to a deeper level of understanding in their Yoga.  A space that inspires practice.  Not only physically, but deeper on every level. Myself included.  I will continue to bring in senior yoga teachers for one or two week intense Mysore sessions, practice, yoga philosophy and technique.  I'm confirming dates with my teacher, Govinda, and David Swenson.  They're both very excited to visit us in our new space!


Three   This is a place for self-discovery... an Ashram-like space for yoga and self-reflection.  Svadhyaya, or Self Study, the Fourth Niyama in the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, means "inquiry" or "examination".  Any activity that cultivates self-reflective consciousness is considered Svadhyaya.  Besides our physical practice, expressing and sharing our experience is another tool for Svadhyaya.


One of my deepest periods of growth in my personal journey, besides practicing in India, or anywhere with my teacher, Govinda, came during a period when I practiced regularly with my friend Karen.   Karen and I practiced almost every morning at 5:30 am.  After a long Savasana, we would head to the Linden Hills Co-op (back in the day when they had that wonderful little Juice Bar) for a shot of wheat grass.  After that, we'd walk around Harriet and discuss our practice that morning..  Each and every morning we each had a different experience on our mat and sharing that experience with another person brought it out and open and real… deeper and much more meaningful.


At the new shala, we'll have a lounge area for tea and fellowship… a space to share with each other.  After our asana practice, when we're in our post-yoga glow and still buzzing from our deep breathing, when all of our walls are down, our senses are heightened, we're the most sensitive... raw.  This is when we have the perfect opportunity to notice ourselves with clarity.  The perfect opportunity for growth, change and New Beginnings.


And if you don't want to hang around... just grab a cup of tea and go. Hanging out is always optional!


To me, this change is the natural evolution of my journey, my next step.  Just as teaching blossomed from the intensity of my personal practice and opening Yoga House sprung from my intense desire to teach, to share... the resulting community of Yogis has been one of my greatest rewards.  The most amazing gift.  I want to bring you all with me, to welcome you in the new Yoga House where we will continue this amazing and wonderful journey together.






The Location...



5901 Beard Avenue South,

Edina, MN  55410

Beard is just a few blocks east of France Avenue.  Take either the 60th or 58th street exit off of France, close to the Hwy 62 exit.